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We’re beyond excited to show you our new RARE collection.

Unlike our other collections we've used a diverse colour palette to compliment our everyday wear. This is our biggest collection to date which showcases classic fits and oversized looks. We offer you a range of bombers, jackets, tees, pants and shorts that compliment our accessories. We wanted this collection to define the meaning of our brand and to design products that portrays the RARE individual.


Like all our previous collections the RARE collection will be released in two parts. We’ve also changed the way we do things now, moving forward there will be no more sales or restocking. We will continue to make a limited number of products to keep you looking RARE.


This collection also comes with a surprise which is our Affiliate program. When Rarefied established in 2015, Mohit and Sid made the promise that Rarefied is “for the people, by the people”. Our dream was to create a brand for everyone, a brand where you can grow by doing what you love. Now we're at a stage where we can make that happen together by having you all join us on our journey. We want you to be a part of our Affiliate program, a part of Rarefied. For more information on the Affiliate program click here.


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